Anne Calleja


"Mind Coach"


"There are three key factors that influence our performance - our fitness, our technical skills and our mental skills," comments Anne Calleja. "Although we spend time on our fitness and technical skills, the mental side and 'how we think' is often neglected. And yet it is amazing how good we can be at using our minds to work against us. Even before we start an activity, we can often find a number of reasons for failure - self-doubt, bad weather, lack of practice, tiredness, family pressures etc. so we find ourselves performing badly because we are not using our minds in the appropriate way"

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Anne has worked with James since 2006. She is a clinical hypnotherapist, an accredited NLP psychotherapist, and an experienced trainer. Anne uses these and other models to unblock limiting beliefs for peak performance and specialises in dealing with performance anxiety and stress. Analysis, advice and then action - implementing the solution is evidence of the practical value of Anne's methodology. Working in partnership with the individual and/or team she observes and models performance. She then designs a personal coaching programme so that you fine-tune, create your own personal model of excellence to reach your full potential. Linking mind and body - Anne's comprehensive approach gives you a clear vision of how you will succeed and meet challenges with skill and confidence.