What We Do

Ignition Sport provides the tools a professional athlete needs to win. We cater for all levels of experience and ability. Our clients must be determined and prepared to do what it takes to be the best. It’s all about preparation and hard work. Having a structure to aid this process is what we provide, and we have the results to prove it. 


Driver Management


Developing Talent and Building Careers 


Developing a strong relationship with a manager plays a vital role in a driver’s career. Each relationship is unique, as different personalities and situations demand a different approach. We are able to guide our drivers on and off track creating an enjoyable environment in an otherwise stressful world. James will attend tests and races, work closely with teams and provide support and guidance wherever needed. 


James’ aim is to always to get the best possible performance from his drivers. The benefit of having someone who has followed the same path, achieved the same goals and learned the same lessons before you is invaluable. Choosing a career in motorsport can be challenging, but with the right guidance and hard work it can be a life changing journey. It’s not just a sport that other people do, if you want it you can achieve it.

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Athlete Management


With our knowledge of motorsport we are able to adapt our methods and structure to support athletes competing in all sports. The mentality required to be a professional athlete is very similar in all high-level sport.


Dealing with the expectation of delivering success time after time is the same for a racing driver, golfer, swimmer or cyclist.  Tailoring the support structure to improve every aspect of their preparation and having the mental coaching to deal with this change, is just one of the ways we can improve the end result. Having someone else to deal with day to day issues is a welcomed piece of mind, leaving the athlete free to focus on what they do best.

Anne Calleja

Sports Psychology


Anne Calleja MSc, DMS, Dip.NLP.EHP, PDCHyp, BSCH, UKCP “Mind Coach” 


Anne has worked with James since 2006. She is a clinical hypnotherapist, an accredited NLP psychotherapist, and an experienced trainer. Anne uses these and other models to unblock limiting beliefs for peak performance and specialises in dealing with performance anxiety and stress. Analysis, advice and then action – implementing the solution is evidence of the practical value of Anne’s methodology. Working in partnership with the individual and/or team she observes and models performance. She then designs a personal coaching programme so that you fine-tune, create your own personal model of excellence to reach your full potential. Linking mind and body – Anne’s comprehensive approach gives you a clear vision of how you will succeed and meet challenges with skill and confidence.


“There are three key factors that influence our performance – our fitness, our technical skills and our mental skills,” comments Anne Calleja. “Although we spend time on our fitness and technical skills, the mental side and ‘how we think’ is often neglected. And yet it is amazing how good we can be at using our minds to work against us. Even before we start an activity, we can often find a number of reasons for failure – self-doubt, bad weather, lack of practice, tiredness, family pressures etc. so we find ourselves performing badly because we are not using our minds in the appropriate way” 


You can visit Anne’s website at www.link-fortune.co.uk 

Driver Coaching

Driver Coaching 


Perfecting on track performance 


Maximising on track performance is the most important aspect for a driver to focus on. We can develop a driver’s skills in various ways whether its one to one tuition on track days or extensive simulator work, we are able to tailor a driver development programme to suit both ability and budget.


We relish the chance to work with new and exciting talent, working at all levels from coaching complete beginners through to honing the skills of established drivers. 

Fitness 2
Fitness 1

Fitness Training 


Stewart Wild – Formula Fitness


Formula Fitness specialise in looking after drivers and racing teams. They aim to train and educate sports professionals by giving them the edge over their fellow competitors, and this ultimately improves performance in the individual’s desired field of motor racing. 


Driver care is about optimising the driver performance by allowing the driver to concentrate solely on what is needed on the track. The improvement in mental and physical ability not only improves the individuals driving capability but also gives the added psychological confidence of knowing that all the other aspects have been taken care of, thus increasing the overall performance. Stewart is based at the Oxford University Sports Complex, a fantastic facility that inspires high performance whilst training alongside future stars from all sports.


Corporate event organisation


For many years, Ignition Sport has arranged and hosted corporate events for racing fans, friends, business contacts and sponsors. Through this process we have worked with some amazing groups of people. Our goal is for our guests to gain new experiences and learn new skills. This is either from being race day guests in some of our amazing hospitality suites located at some of the best circuits in the world, or experiencing the thrill of driving high performance cars on track. 


Much of our work is for large companies with no connection to motorsport. We are able to take someone out of their normal working environment and provide an experience that can benefit them long-term. It could be developing their driving skills or teaching them how better to deal with working in high pressure surroundings.  Either way we guarantee an unforgettable experience.  For more information on our corporate events please get in touch.